Albert Perry

For over 30 years, Al Perry has worked with Qi, as it relates to the physical body. In his private practice, Al assists his clients in discovering their own inner healer, through a combination of Medical Qigong, Bodywork and Coaching. His teachings focus on the energetic body, in which he incorporates Qigong, alongside the emotional, physical and mental well-being of his clients. In addition, Al has taught other bodyworkers his unique methods, and is well respected in the healing community. When the shelter-in-place took effect, followed by the heightened awareness of race relationships after the murder of George Perry Floyd, Al knew that he need to contribute something to the shifting global tension in the aftermath. Combining his interest in Quantum Physics and his expertise in Qigong and energetic medicine, Al formulated Qiworks Quantum Qigong. The hope is that students will be able to identify and process unhealthy emotional energy before it becomes toxic. In turn, then use healthy emotional energy to manifest wellness on a physical level and an awareness on an energetic level to become one's true authentic self, free of conditioning.

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